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Detailed Description for:
Ingredient List
Summer sunshine
Try original bacon salt on your summer salads to enhance the flavour. For example, a chicken salad with a sprinkling of bacon salt and hey presto, you've got a chicken and bacon salad without the extra calories.
Unavailability of some products
Just to let you know that we are currently out of stock of J&D's Cheddar and Applewood BaconSalt, as well as MaltSalt. Please don't place orders for these at the moment as we cannot fulfill them.
J&D's Bacon Salt

"Bacon goes with everything" – cheese, salads, chips, eggs, the list is endless. Bacon-Salt came from J&D’s motto “Everything should taste like bacon”. So buy baconsalt from us today
Vegetarian – Fat Free – Low Sodium – GREAT Taste!

Use it to add bacon flavour to other dishes, as a “no-fat”, low-salt (and vegetarian) alternative to traditional bacon dishes like flans, or just as a “third condiment” on the dining table. Of course, you can also put it on bacon – but we’re not responsible for the mind-blowing consequences!

The products in our BaconSalt range are suitable for Vegetarians. Hickory is suitable for Vegans, and Natural (all natural ingredients) is Gluten-free. All of the flavours are Kosher-Certified. Add that to having 30% of the sodium compared with table-salt & are zero-fat, zero-sugar, zero-calories, you can enjoy the taste of bacon without upsetting your doctor.
Malt Salt
MaltSalt is a blend of sea salt and vinegar flavouring that will leave your Fish 'n' Chips as crisp as they came out of the fryer! As The Mirror said, Malt Salt " will ensure our great traditional dish is never again spoiled by too much vinegar.
About us

We're Crazy4Flavour (in more ways than one!) and we want to share with you new tastes that are hard to find in the UK or other European markets. We are a family business who enjoy these products and now bring them to the European market for you, our internet friends, to share.
Postage and Discounts

We've revised our shipping prices as well, and now there's a single 2nd class P&P charge to any order, no matter however large. You can upgrade to 1st, International or Signed-for at the checkout. We regularly deliver to non-European countries too, for just a little more.

** Our products come direct from the manufacturers, not via any "intermediary", so you get the best prices and freshest quality for all our products. Although J&Ds have a 'Best Before' date (printed on the bottom of the jars) of about 2 years from manufacture, we've found that depending on storage BaconSalt products tend to 'clump' within a year, so our supplies are regularly shipped to us by Air Shipping, and so reach you, our customers, within a month or two of manufacture giving you a product that will last a long time. (But keep the jar closed in your cupboards!)

Ketchup Salt

J&D’s have done it again! After their Malt-Salt, to avoid vinegar getting your Fish and Chips all cold and soggy, they’ve added Ketchup Salt to do the same for your scrambled or fried eggs, or chips – in fact, anything where you would normally add (cold) bottled Tomato Ketchup. “Move over, Heinz 57”! Click on the 'Ketchup Salt' button above for further details or purchase.
Arabian Spice Blend

Made from a blend of over a dozen delicate and subtle Eastern spices, this is traditionally used with meat and/or vegetables as a spicy sauce whilst cooking, allowing the fragrance and flavours to marinade into the food. Add some extra chilli and cumin for an eastern-style curry.
Black Lemon Powder

Imagine, Lemons fresh from the tree, dried in the sun until black, and ground to a fine powder. Traditionally used as a “rub” with Mutton. You can use it on roast Lamb, or grills, BBQs, even casseroles. Our family has used it for years but I always had to bring it back from trips to the Middle East when I was working there. The lemon counteracts the fattiness of lamb and it gives it a really tangy edge.
Za'atar Spice

This herbal blend including Thyme, Sumach and Sesame Seed is another taste from the Middle East. Za'atar (Zaatar, Zatar, Zahtar) Spice is very popular as a condiment for bread; Traditionally used with Arabic Bread (a bit like Pitta, but thinner and round-shaped) but these days very popular as a fill in Croissants. You can also use it to 'spice up' Hummus, or even flavour meat in cooking.

Office: 9 Hereford Road, Southport, Merseyside. PR9 7DX. Phone: +44 (O) 1704 506573 Email: stuart@crazy4flavour.co.uk
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